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My Story

 Hello new friends I am Christina Ballard the owner and creator of OSB. 

I am now a believer that if you want to know what your passion is just look to your past. I had no idea that my passion for my own business would start by watching my parents grow theirs. Here's the story.

 Most kids don't love to go to work with their parents but my sister and I did. My parents owned and operated multiple shoes stores in our home town of Austin Texas. Every now and then we had the privilege of going with them to their stores. Rows of shoe and shipping boxes, back alleys, and tiny nooks gave my sister and I a magical play land and hours of entertainment while my parents worked.

As I grew older I wanted to get on the floor and help sell shoes. Everything I know about retail comes from my two incredible parents. My favorite memory, of our family business, was the few years we all worked side by side selling shoes while I was in college. Dad, Mom, my big sister, and I created a moment in time that most families never get to experience by being able to work with each other on a daily basis and loving it.

  Many years later I found my way back to the shoe world but this time designing and selling my own creations. I thank God for the time He allowed me to study my family do business the right way, to grow a company with passion and integrity, and to give me every skill I would need to start my dream. 

Picture by: Danielle Piazza

I cherish those memories, working with my family, as my Dad went to heaven unexpectedly January 4, 2017. My father was always dreaming up new ideas for Old Smokeys and pondering ways for me to find more vintage boots. My family and husband continue to inspire every bit of this growing company and I use every bit of knowledge I gained growing up in the retail world. I hope you love these one of a kind creations and they make you feel like the rockstar you are. 

I don't know where this dream is headed but I surrender to Gods plan. I am thankful, I am inspired, and I am passionate. I will give you all I got!