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Old Smokeys Boots are reworked, one of a kind, badass boots whipped up by my two hands and released to you every month. I hunt for only the best vintage boots around and then I breathe new life into them. OSB blends the rock and roll world with the wild west in a fresh and funky way. New boots and goods landing every month. Check out the Gallery for a small taste of previously sold creations. Make sure to watch my Instagram "Oldsmokeysboots" to see when my newest releases will be!


<---That's Me. Happy. So Happy.

 My name is Christina Ballard and I am a true Texan born and bred! My sister and I grew up playing in the stock rooms of my parents shoe stores owned in Austin. As little ones, rows and rows of shoes, back alleys, and giant shipping boxes became a magical playful land for us. I learned everything I know about retail from my two incredible parents. My favorite memory of our family business was the few years we all worked side by side in one of the family stores. Dad, Mom, my big sister, and I created a moment in time that most families never get to experience. I had no idea that 10 years later I would find my way back to the shoe world but this time designing and selling! I cherish those memories as my Dad went to heaven January 4th 2017 unexpectedly. He loved Old Smokeys to the core. He was always coming up with ideas for new boot styles and ways to find more vintage boots. I feel that he is watching over my little company from Heaven and helping get my boots onto some incredible feet. My family and husband continue to inspire every bit of OSB.  I hope you love these funky creations.

<-My sissy Shauna.

 After my time in Austin I moved to the City of Angels to make my way as an actress. I loved every part of that journey from the auditions to the bookings. BUT as I approached that 10th year my heart was beginning to change. As an artist, I longed for a new way to display my creativty. So I prayed. I prayed for God to give me something new, something of my own, and something where I could express myself authentically. After relentless prayers I woke up one day with an overwhelming sense to rework a pair of 12 year old boots. These boots came from the last store my family and I worked at together but I had never worn those boots. I took treasures out of my closet, bought some leather glue, and went to town. My hands seem to move on their own. The design just fell onto the boot. When they were finished I fell in love!

The very first pair of Old Smokeys.

I wore those boots around everywhere and everywhere I went I got stopped. Girls were wanting to know where I got my boots. In a literal lightbulb moment I instantly felt this was my new calling. Now OSB has landed in almost every city in the USA, and sold internationally in Germany, Canada, & Australia. I am so passionate about my business and I hope you feel the love I pour into every pair!

I look back on my time with my family and I see that God was setting me up for OSB. This is my testimony. And every single word is TRUE.


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