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 Here's your chance to rework your own boots! Limited quantity of spots available each month. 

So how do I go about ordering once I know which style I want?? 

1) send an email with a simple snap shot of your own personal boots (I will need to see them to make sure they will work for the style you desire) and

2) which style you want with the corresponding letter ex: A, B, C, etc. 

I will let you know if your boots are approved and send the invoice for your order. You will ship your boots however you like to the shipping address I provide on the invoice and once I get your boots the FUN begins!

You can expect your boots to be ready within 3-4 weeks or less from the date I receive them. I keep you updated when I receive your boots and when they are ready. I will most likely need to ask a few initial questions of width of your foot/etc to get started. I want to make sure they will fit once I start to rework them. 

*Prices include design/rework and/ shipping coming back to you with Signature Confirmation/Tracking for insurance but does not include any boot (you are providing the boot). I really try to make my prices fair since you will be receiving a custom hand made creation. Custom order pricing can be slightly higher using your own boot because I solely focus on your order and not the website when they come through. It's worth every penny though. Just wait and see :)



A $289

Front V cut with leather stitching, leather around the top to keep the chop clean, criss crossed leather belts and conchos/rings secured to the boot. Can do brown, burgundy, or black depending on the color of your boots. Silver embellishments.

B $279

Clean chop across the top with tiny leather accents where the straps would be,  small rivet detail with turquoise at the front and back, front leather half belt with rivet/pink stitching/ turquoise detail, with chains at each side. 

C $295

Front V cutout with drop down leather and turquoise conchos, back leather fringe with feather detail. 

D $285

Chop straight across with leather detail, drop down leather straps with rivet detail, thunderbird and conchos, with braided leather and silver tips at the front.

E $275

Chop straight across with leather detail, rivet accents and domed flowers. 

F $399

Chains galore! Front and back V cutouts, silver and gold chain secured with rivets, Chain does have movement to create sound and movement.  

G $275

Chop straight across with leather detail, straps are removed and dropped down with rivet detail, each side is adorned with snake ring straps, straps go under boot. 

H $265

Chop straight across, copper burr detail at the top (like you have on your jeans), straps lowered and re-attached with silver spikes, boot and heel detail. 

I $295

Boots chopped with back V cutout, leather lines the top, fur poofs at the front, with chain and leather straps. You will approve your fur color. All are slightly different and I will want to make sure they work with your boot color. 


J) $295

Boots chopped, leather lines the top, back V cutout with fringe, front has 3 thunderbird conchos and fringe. 


K $380

Boots chopped, V cutout at the back with leather stitching, leather lines the top, beaded belts criss-crossed and secured to boots through custom leather belt loops, with wrapped leather dangles. 


L $335

Boots chopped, lined with leather at the top, silver domed accents, 6 turquoise conchos at the front (3 on each boot), long suede fringe, with hand painted heels mexican blanket style. This heel style is intended for a wooden heel*

M $295

Boots chopped, leather lines the top, silver accents, 6 conchos at the front (3 on each boot), leather short fringe with accent beads at each side.



*Custom orders only accepted using your own boots*

* All Prices include shipping coming back to you with Signature Confirmation/Tracking for insurance.

*Each Boot Purchase comes with a custom Travel Bag.

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